307 East 76th Street Apt #1 is available for rent in the Upper East Side. It is located ten minutes away from the Carlyle Hotel, a top favorite of award-winning screenwriter and director Woody Allen. Allen enjoys playing jazz at this hotel, as well as strolling around the Upper East Side area with his wife. From inside this beautiful one bedroom apartment, tenants are able to view the quiet, Manhattan “suburb” Roosevelt Island, a narrow island located in New York City’s East River. Roosevelt is accessible from the Upper East Side by the F- Train, and, for a #funfact, is known

By Nicole Redona I always believed that integrity is trait that helps shape our current and future leaders. The workplace is full of employees that need leaders that are honest, and are always willing to maintain integrity in the workplace. It is a quality that employees heavily value in leaders, therefore should be practiced among executives in the workplace. What is integrity? Integrity means doing the right thing; not because it gives leaders a sense of aggrandizement, but because they genuinely have upstanding moral character. They will do the right thing in a way that is not blinded by ego, because the

Yesterday, Derek Jeter's #2 jersey was retired by the Yankees, while fans watched in adoration as he said his speech during the Yankees- Astros game. He was named American League Rookie of the Year in 1992, when he was almost drafted by the Astros; they ended up taking No. 1 Phil Nelvin instead. Derek Jeter retired with 3,465 hits, his 2,747 games played, his 11,195 at-bats, 544 doubles, 358 stolen bases, 14 All-Star Games and five World Series rings. And is now considered to be one of the greatest Yankees of all time.

Upcoming Events By Nicole Redona There is always something to do in New York City. Whether you are addicted to nightlife, a self-proclaimed foodie, or a passionate artist, Manhattan has what you need to experience living in New York City to the fullest. Try to come out to experience the city's hustle at one of New York’s events below: Japan Day – May 14th Japan Day is a day set aside for anyone who has a love for Japanese culture and would like to help the Japanese Community celebrate its appreciation for New York City. The New York Road Runners will be

By Nicole Redona New York City is home to the Flatiron District, a very attractive part of the city that hosts an array of shops and restaurants. This area is most notable for the famous Flatiron Building located at 175 Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street, which over time has become a rather iconic building of New York City. The Flatiron Building was built in 1902 and designed by Chicago architect, Daniel Burnham. Although the building is popular now, at one time it was believed that the building would physically fall apart due to the way it was structured. During its early years,

By Nicole Redona New York City will always be where dreams are made of. Since it loves to attract the beautiful, the talented, and the successful, here are six celebrities that at one point in time made their home in Manhattan. Sarah Jessica Parker When she isn’t playing the infamous Carey Bradshaw on the show Sex in the City Sarah Jessica Parker still a true New Yorker. She and her husband, Matthew Broderick had sold their Greenwich Village townhouse in 2015, with the new owner paying about $1million more than the couple had, nearly four years before. Katie Holmes Katie Holmes rose to