Eric Cohen


Eric’s track record is nothing short of impressive. Ask past clients and fellow co-workers alike, and they will all concur – no one knows New York City neighborhoods quite like him. This trait opens the door to not only be an excellent consultant to the new-to-New Yorkers, but also inform the native Manhattanites of what’s trending as well as potential investment opportunities. Eric realized his true calling for real estate when he discovered that it was the art of overcoming a challenge that intrigued him. He was drawn to real estate because of the challenges and entrepreneurial opportunity it provided. With a heavy focus on pre-query consultation, Eric infuses the precise needs of his clients into each search; maximizing productivity and minimizing search time spent. He has entitled his customer service approach as being ‘boutique-style’, as often clients can feel lost in the shuffle at the big box firms. Eric believes the combination of personal touches and a heavy emphasis on catering to client requirements set him apart from his peers.


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