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307 East 76th Street Apt #1 is available for rent in the Upper East Side.

It is located ten minutes away from the Carlyle Hotel, a top favorite of award-winning screenwriter and director Woody Allen. Allen enjoys playing jazz at this hotel, as well as strolling around the Upper East Side area with his wife.

From inside this beautiful one bedroom apartment, tenants are able to view the quiet, Manhattan “suburb” Roosevelt Island, a narrow island located in New York City’s East River. Roosevelt is accessible from the Upper East Side by the F- Train, and, for a #funfact, is known to be one of the deepest stations below sea level in the New York Subway Station.

Places surrounding 307 East 76th Street include The Meatball Shop, Vella Wine Bar and Kitchen, The Pony Bar, and the Stumble Inn.

Apartments are filling up fast so contact Upton Realty Group for an appointment today!

By Nicole Redona

I always believed that integrity is trait that helps shape our current and future leaders. The workplace is full of employees that need leaders that are honest, and are always willing to maintain integrity in the workplace. It is a quality that employees heavily value in leaders, therefore should be practiced among executives in the workplace.

What is integrity?

Integrity means doing the right thing; not because it gives leaders a sense of aggrandizement, but because they genuinely have upstanding moral character. They will do the right thing in a way that is not blinded by ego, because the right thing is its own pride, not the praise it receives. When the right thing is done by its true nature, it brings not only success, but a positivity in any work environment.

The power of a leader’s word

A true leader of integrity keeps their word. They will follow through with his promise, and if he were to break a promise would own up to it. They know to be careful in keeping a promise, and practicing reliability and honesty. It is not someone who will agree to anything you say, and tell you what you want to hear; the word of someone who does so is not kept in good graces for very long. Rather, leaders are honest with you about whether he will fulfill their obligations they made to you.

A person of integrity can face reality

People with integrity can see people and situations for who and what they really are. They are not blindly optimistic, nor are they extremely pessimistic about the world. If someone is too optimistic, they are too blind to the harshness of reality. They would not be able to handle its truth, and pull through proactively like a leader should. At the same time, if someone is too pessimistic, there is no room to move forward, and allow an organization to thrive. Integrity follows “the reality principle” with both feet on the ground. Their head is not held too high above the clouds, nor is it held too low, that they are unable to see a path to success before them.

Yesterday, Derek Jeter’s #2 jersey was retired by the Yankees, while fans watched in adoration as he said his speech during the Yankees- Astros game.

He was named American League Rookie of the Year in 1992, when he was almost drafted by the Astros; they ended up taking No. 1 Phil Nelvin instead. Derek Jeter retired with 3,465 hits, his 2,747 games played, his 11,195 at-bats, 544 doubles, 358 stolen bases, 14 All-Star Games and five World Series rings.

And is now considered to be one of the greatest Yankees of all time.

Upcoming Events By Nicole Redona

There is always something to do in New York City. Whether you are addicted to nightlife, a self-proclaimed foodie, or a passionate artist, Manhattan has what you need to experience living in New York City to the fullest. Try to come out to experience the city’s hustle at one of New York’s events below:

Japan Day – May 14th
Japan Day is a day set aside for anyone who has a love for Japanese culture and would like to help the Japanese Community celebrate its appreciation for New York City. The New York Road Runners will be holding their Japan Run event, which in cludes Kid’s Races and a four mile mini-marathon. It will continue throughout the day, with a special performance called the New York Ondo, a Bon Odori dance choreographed by Momo Suzuki. Japan Day takes place every year, with this year being held in the Bandshell Area in Central Park. And it’s for FREE.


World Science Festival – May 30th – June 4th
Founded by Brian Greene and Tracy Day, the World Science Festival is held every year in hopes to educate the public and inspire scientific innovation and discovery. It is for anyone who values the principals of science or is willing to explore ideas that will create a better tomorrow. The festival will showcase performers Joshua Bell and Pilobus, among a group of others.


U.S. Open Tennis Championships – August 28th – September 10th
For all the tennis fans out there, come to the U.S. Open Tennis Championships to watch some of the best tennis players from around the world compete for thousands of dollars in prizes. It is held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, NY, accessible by the 7 subway train via Grand Central Station or the Long Island Railroad to Mets-Willets Point Station. The U.S. Open Tennis Championships is one of the most popular annual sporting events to attend, so get your tickets today!

US open

Village Halloween Parade – Oct 31st
Another event that is fun to attend is the Village Halloween Parade, held every year in Greenwich Village. This is a great way to celebrate Halloween as anyone who comes in costume are invited. All you needvto do is meet the parade crowd in Sixth Avenue at Canal Street between 7pm and 9pm. You can even perform in the parade by volunteering to animate a puppet. Or, if it is more fitting, they are always looking for volunteers to help behind the scenes, using artistic and technological skills to create the puppets used in the parade.


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Nov 23rd
The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been an American tradition for ninety years – with Felix the Cat being the first giant balloon and the Snoopy float holding the record of having the most balloons. Famous celebrities and performers come together to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. You can view the two-and-a- half mile march from 77th Street down Central Park West to Columbus Circle, then down Broadway to Herald Square.


Tree Lighting at the Rockefeller Center – Nov 29th
If you are ever around the Rockefeller Center, stop by on the 29th of November for the annual Christmas Tree lighting event. This event, which began in 1933, has become symbolic of the Christmas Spirit. Rockefeller Center stands between 48th and 51st Streets in Midtown Manhattan, New York City and between Fifth and Sixth Avenue.


So sign those leases for the year before time runs out and before you develop a FOMO for these events. Now is the time to finalize your plans and save these dates in your calendar. Apartments are filling up fast, and you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to experience New York City at its best!

By Nicole Redona

New York City is home to the Flatiron District, a very attractive part of the city that hosts an array of shops and restaurants. This area is most notable for the famous Flatiron Building located at 175 Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street, which over time has become a rather iconic building of New York City. The Flatiron Building was built in 1902 and designed by Chicago architect, Daniel Burnham. Although the building is popular now, at one time it was believed that the building would physically fall apart due to the way it was structured.

During its early years, the building was nicknamed “Burham’s Folly” (after the architect) because of the skepticism the building faced from the public; they thought the building would topple over since it was designed with a triangular shape and with so many stories. When the building first opened, it stood at an impressive twenty-two stories tall. The triangular build, with the skinnier end of the building being actually only six feet wide, was unusual for its time and did not provide much confidence to the public. There were many who believed that the building would not last upright, and fall over. However, architects had designed the building with a steel skeleton, with limestone overlay that changes into terra-cotta as the floors go up. This new concept of the steel skeleton was introduced in order to maintain the building’s design; to prevent the necessity of increasing the thickness of the walls as the building went higher.

We have come to know this building by the name the locals used to describe it -“the flatiron” -owing to its triangular shape resembling a flatiron for clothes—ironically, the Flatiron building is not an isosceles triangle like a real flatiron as it would seem at first glance, but a right triangle. The nickname, has still stuck until today, instead of alluding to its Pythagorean influence.



By Nicole Redona

New York City will always be where dreams are made of. Since it loves to attract the beautiful, the talented, and the successful, here are six celebrities that at one point in time made their home in Manhattan.

Sarah Jessica Parker

When she isn’t playing the infamous Carey Bradshaw on the show Sex in the City Sarah Jessica Parker still a true New Yorker. She and her husband, Matthew Broderick had sold their Greenwich Village townhouse in 2015, with the new owner paying about $1million more than the couple had, nearly four years before.


Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes rose to stardom from playing roles such the tomboyish Girl-Next-Door Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, and Gotham City’s district attorney Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins. While she received a lot of fame for her work, a lot of her media attention gains circled around her marriage and divorce to fellow actor Tom Cruise. Since her split with Cruise in 2012, Holmes has lived in a gorgeous Chelsea penthouse paying about $12,500 per month. Her plans do not stop there, as she currently has her eyes on a $4million apartment in Midtown where she hopes to raise her daughter Suri.

Leonardo DiCaprio

While Leonardo Dicaprio is famous for his many film roles such as Titanic’s heartthrob Jack Dawson, or the multimillion dollar hedonist Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street, fans may or may not be aware of Dicaprio’s active involvement in promoting environmental awareness. By establishing the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, he fought for issues such as global warming and renewable energy. He bought a $10million two bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village, which is considered to be a ‘green’ building with heat reflexology flooring, circulating aromatherapy air, and vitamin-c infused showers.


Jay-Z and Beyonce

A millennial’s power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce are still Crazy In Love, as they take on the New York City Real Estate Business. The couple currently owns a penthouse at 195 Hudson Street with an asking price of $3.75million. It was in this same Tribeca penthouse that they held their private marriage ceremony a few years before in 2008. This building is shared with Sapir Organization’s president Alex Sapir, who owns the first floor three bedroom, three bathroom space.


Kate Winslet

Titanic would definitely not have been the same without Kate Winslet as Jack’s (Leonardo Dicaprio) beautiful and strong love interest. As a Golden Globe Award winner for Best Actress, Kate Winslet is definitely a gem both on screen and as a New York City resident. She obtained a lavish duplex penthouse apartment from her ex-husband Sam Mendes, and rented it out for $30,000 a month. It contained a wood-burning fireplace, 13-foot ceilings, a sunroom with a full bathroom, and a “double-corner” living room.




Chelsea is well known for its very diverse ethnic and social scene. Whether you have an affinity for the arts, fine dining, or would like to be part of the LGBTQ community, Chelsea will definitely expose you to exotic restaurants and bars that are perfect for a night on the town.



For historic culture, why not visit the Chelsea Hotel? As the Chelsea section of Manhattan developed between the 1830 to the 1880s, the Chelsea Hotel rose on 23rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenue and was one of the tallest buildings in New York City at the time. The Chelsea Hotel started out as a sactuary for early Bohemia and was home to writers, musicians, artists, and actors. It was notorious for many events, such as the place where Welsh poet Dylan Thomas dies of pneumonia in 1953, or where Sex Pistol’s member, Sid Vicious was thought to have stabbed his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen to death.


Another place you should visit if you happen to be around the Chelsea neighborhood, is Chelsea Market. What was once the National Biscuit Company complex, now an indoor market that occupies a food hall, shopping mall, office building, and television production facility. It is home to the Food Network, as well as other famous shows, as the complex also contains a studio inside its winding, exposed-brick walls. The market itself is surrounded by West 15th Street, West 16th Street, 9th Avenue, and 10th Avenue.


If you prefer physical activities such as gymnastics or basketball, Chelsea Piers is the place to be. Chelsea Piers is located between West 17th Street and West 23rd Street along the Hudson River it was originally a major river port, for importing and exporting goods and for passengers, Chelsea Piers is now a strip of facilities catered to sports enthusiasts or health junkies alike. With private gyms, it’s own golf club, and so much more, you will never run out of activities to help you stay in shape.


Charming newly renovated 3 bedroom apartment. This unit features a spacious layout, high ceilings, open skylight in living room, recess lighting and beautiful chandelier, hardwood floors, separate windowed granite kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The bathroom features marble flooring, spa like bathroom outfitted with a deep tub.

– No pets and smoke free apartment.
– Tenant pays all utilities.

Located near supermarkets, shops, Gallery Bar, El Nuevo Canario and Terry’s Cafe and Grill, Stuyvesant Park, Jesse Owens Playground and Skate Park (amazing bike lanes and the terrain).