Celebrities that have lived in New York City

By Nicole Redona

New York City will always be where dreams are made of. Since it loves to attract the beautiful, the talented, and the successful, here are six celebrities that at one point in time made their home in Manhattan.

Sarah Jessica Parker

When she isn’t playing the infamous Carey Bradshaw on the show Sex in the City Sarah Jessica Parker still a true New Yorker. She and her husband, Matthew Broderick had sold their Greenwich Village townhouse in 2015, with the new owner paying about $1million more than the couple had, nearly four years before.


Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes rose to stardom from playing roles such the tomboyish Girl-Next-Door Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, and Gotham City’s district attorney Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins. While she received a lot of fame for her work, a lot of her media attention gains circled around her marriage and divorce to fellow actor Tom Cruise. Since her split with Cruise in 2012, Holmes has lived in a gorgeous Chelsea penthouse paying about $12,500 per month. Her plans do not stop there, as she currently has her eyes on a $4million apartment in Midtown where she hopes to raise her daughter Suri.

Leonardo DiCaprio

While Leonardo Dicaprio is famous for his many film roles such as Titanic’s heartthrob Jack Dawson, or the multimillion dollar hedonist Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street, fans may or may not be aware of Dicaprio’s active involvement in promoting environmental awareness. By establishing the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, he fought for issues such as global warming and renewable energy. He bought a $10million two bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village, which is considered to be a ‘green’ building with heat reflexology flooring, circulating aromatherapy air, and vitamin-c infused showers.


Jay-Z and Beyonce

A millennial’s power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce are still Crazy In Love, as they take on the New York City Real Estate Business. The couple currently owns a penthouse at 195 Hudson Street with an asking price of $3.75million. It was in this same Tribeca penthouse that they held their private marriage ceremony a few years before in 2008. This building is shared with Sapir Organization’s president Alex Sapir, who owns the first floor three bedroom, three bathroom space.


Kate Winslet

Titanic would definitely not have been the same without Kate Winslet as Jack’s (Leonardo Dicaprio) beautiful and strong love interest. As a Golden Globe Award winner for Best Actress, Kate Winslet is definitely a gem both on screen and as a New York City resident. She obtained a lavish duplex penthouse apartment from her ex-husband Sam Mendes, and rented it out for $30,000 a month. It contained a wood-burning fireplace, 13-foot ceilings, a sunroom with a full bathroom, and a “double-corner” living room.