Why you should choose us

The Stewardship Department Relocation Group is committed to providing you with an unrivaled property search facility. We specialize in finding accommodation and home finding solutions to international corporations, local firms, and executives who seek to relocate to the New York City area. Our specialized team understands precisely how to assist private individuals and employees with the perfect relocation.

With a wealth of experience, we understand the expansive variety of people and requirements that a New York relocation requires. Each year, we assist hundreds of corporate tenants and their families with the process of relocation to New York City, obtaining a vast range of suitable homes in the most desirable locations.

We offer relocation support to hundreds of companies including multinational institutions, medium sized corporations, local businesses and individuals. A personal account executive handles the entire process and manages every aspect of the property search. This enables you or your employee to concentrate on other priorities.

Our team is always on hand to advise on budgets, locations, and to coordinate a suitable viewing schedule regardless of the requirements. We assist in negotiations so you are guaranteed to receive the very best property possible for your budget. Furthermore, we are available after the move-in date to ensure the tenancy runs smoothly.


In an increasingly global world, New York companies understand the necessity to secure the finest talent around the world. Oftentimes, this means developing a relocation package to attract a talented graduate or experienced executive to join your New York office. Whether you are an executive planning a New York relocation or an HR professional overseeing international assignees, we are here to make the transition stress free.

Our Relocation Group helps recent graduates and new hires relocate to New York for new jobs and opportunities. We are on hand offering comprehensive advice on locations, budgets, and availability of suitable properties.

We offer exceptional short term properties including studios, one bedrooms apartments, and large family homes for stays of one to six months. Short term rentals are great alternatives to hotel accommodations so you can live more like a New Yorker. Our short term rentals can be fully furnished and ready to move into at short notice.

New York is often regarded as the financial capital of the World. This fact creates a consistently high demand for property rentals and sales in New York. Prices remain at a premium and are less affected by market changes than those in other areas. Our Relocation Group can give advice on the best locations to suit your prerequisites and ensure you get the most out of an investment.



Relocating to a new place and finding somewhere to live can be an intimidating prospect.  UPTON REALTY GROUP, Estate Agents & Property Stewards is here to guide you through the process and relieve as much stress from property searching as possible. Upon contacting us, you will be given a dedicated account executive that prepares you for what is expected before leaving your current home and will arrange a schedule of property viewings for when you arrive in New York. They are available 7 days a week to assist throughout your tenancy and beyond.

We understand that relocation can be overwhelming and the home search is just the beginning. Our Relocation Group remains available to assist you in organizing the administration of your home to suit your particular needs. We can set up your home and manage your property as desired. We provide services of opening new utility accounts as well as transferring old ones. Household services such as internet, telephone, and television packages can also be set up for you. We strive to keep clients happy throughout their entire relocation package whether it’s finding the best property near the best schools or making your commute to work as easy as possible. For more information about our services, contact us today.

From opening new or transferring existing utility accounts, setting up household services such as internet, telephone and TV packages, to finding you an electrician or calling out a plumber for a one-off job, we will do it.



      I. Unmatched Expertise

      We will put at your disposal the skills and knowledge of an entire agency network. Our home search covers every desirable residential area the New York Metropolitan area.

     II. A Seamless Experience

      We offer one point of contact for you and your employee leaving you both free to concentrate on the business needs that prompted their New York relocation in the first place. Through the appointment of a dedicated account executive we oversee each home search from initial orientation through to offer negotiation.

    III. Absolutely Bespoke Service

      There is no standard model, each corporate home search is tailored to suit both your company and the individual’s needs. We will put at your disposal the skills and knowledge of an entire agency network. Our home search covers every desirable residential area in New York.

      We offer a focused and comprehensive rental home search service specifically designed to assist with corporate relocation into New York. Whether you are looking for a trendy apartment in the heart of the City or a family house in the suburban outskirts, we’ll find it for you.

      We know that to provide an impeccable global relocation service, we need to be more than just a relocation company. That’s why we get to know our clients’ goals and ambitions, just as well as we know our own. Our services, from move management, to home and school search, ensure that you, or your executives/employees, move smoothly, settle-in and are ready to start a new role. And we don’t just stop there. You’ll always have a friend in the City, helping you become a “local.” You’ll get recommendations for restaurants and entertainment, best deals in shopping, hair salons, treatment spas, etc. We live here too and we know how difficult it can be!