Real Estate and Technology

By Jennifer Colletta

When working in real estate, having an online presence is essential. Using technology can be a huge advantage to your agency, ensuring that things are being done more efficiently. The following are areas in technology that I believe can be the most beneficial to real estate.

Virtual Reality

This area of technology has still yet to make its way into real estate. However, I believe it can be used in various areas of this field. Virtual reality could bring clients into potential apartments without physically taking a single step out of their current home. This will give a client access to view their potential apartment at any time. It can speed up the process of looking into a new apartment by being able to see the place your client is inquiring about immediately instead of waiting to schedule a time to show it.


Majority of people find a place they like by scrolling through listings on various real estate websites. Now your hunt for a home doesn’t have to end once you step away from your computer because all these websites most likely have an app as well. You can download the app and continue your search straight from a device that has Wifi or cellular service. You can also turn on notifications for these apps so you don’t even have to be on your device. Instead a notification will pop up on your screen when the app believes it found a place that would be of interest.


A rigorous step in the real estate process is the paperwork that comes along with finding your perfect place. A way to make going through this paperwork smoothly and at a faster pace are E-Signing Services. This is a safe and legal way to sign documents straight from your computer. You can type your name where the E-Signature needs it and email it your agent instead of having to waste time printing and then scanning everything.

Google Ads

Without advertising, clients would have a hard time navigating their way to certain real estate agencies. Having ads on the internet, especially popular websites, can help grow an agency immensely. This way, potential clients will see those ads and hopefully be persuaded to use said agency.