Client satisfaction is our number one goal, our team of agents make sure clients get exactly what they need. Here’s what our clients have to say about us:


“Sherwin did a phenomenal job of helping me find an apartment best suitable for my needs. He is easy to talk to and does his job very well. I highly recommend him! ”


“Unlike other brokers, Sherwin did a great job of helping me find the apartment I needed. He did not waste me time and found the perfect apartment for me at a moment’s notice.The agents at his firm are very professional and really made me feel that my needs were being met. Thank you, Upton Realty Group!”


“Upton Realty Group and their agents really takes care of you. They not only have great benefits, they also have great management that really takes an interest in your life and any issues on the job you might have. They make you feel like a family!”
-Anthony B.


“Great agent to work with! Worked around my crazy schedule and made moving around the city stress free!”


“So glad to have met him! He worked around my schedule and was able to find me an apartment in the NYC area.”


“Coming to New York City, on my own, I thought it would be a nightmare to find an apartment. I knew what I wanted, but I was so knew to New York, it still felt like a hassle looking for the best thing for me. Luckily, I found a real estate broker like Sherwin who really knew how to give their clients apartments that are right for them. He was honest about how he did business, and I genuinely felt like a client who was also a friend. I recommend Sherwin to anyone who wants a great place to live. ”


“It was an amazing experience to work with Sherwin. He knows the market very well and the process was very smooth. I do appreciate his help. I would definitely recommend Upton Realty Group!!!”


“Upton Realty Group is more then a company, they are a family that truly cares about the needs and wants of all their clients.”
-Peter V.


“Upton Realty Group is an office of dedicated agents determined to help their clients find exactly what they are looking for. I highly recommend Upton Realty for any residential inquiries you may have.”
-Caroline H.


“Exciting, dynamic young company at the forefront of using social media for business. Upton agents also speak several languages, which is definitely an asset in this global economy.”
-Donna W.


“Upton Realty is a wonderful real estate agency. Every agent is incredibly knowledgeable and provides the best services for his/her agent. I definitely recommend Upton for all real estate services!”
-Morgan J.


“This is a very professional place that strives to help people and their clients with housing. They take their clients very seriously and help them find the best housing for themselves.”
-Sajib A.


“This is the most efficient real state agency to find an apartment in New York! Great people!”
-Mateo F.


“Great Real Estate firm with agents that are great at helping their clients buy, sell, and/or rent in New York City. If you want quality service, Upton Realty Group is the firm to go to.”
-Nicole A.


“Everything about this agency is truly remarkable. I wasn’t treated like a client I was treated like family by the agents. They actually took their time in finding a place that best suited me. By far the easiest home search I have ever gone through. Thank you Upton realty Group! It’s my first apartment in the city. I would highly recommend them to everyone who is looking for an apartment in the city!”
-Zohaib T.


“The agents here are very efficient and patient, providing me with customized service when I’m trying to find an apartment in the city. Also they reply my requests very promptly. I’m glad they can help me out in NYC.”
-Erin Y.


“Upton Realty Group is an office of dedicated agents determined to help their clients find exactly what they are looking for. I highly recommend Upton Realty for any residential inquiries you may have. The office has a hardworking, friendly environment and the CEO is approachable and very knowledgeable.”
-Caroline H.


“Both Sherwin and Kevin could not have been more helpful in my apartment search. This was my very first apartment and they diligently worked with my budget and style in mind to find me and my roommate the perfect first apartment. Thank you!”
-Zach B.


“Upton Realty Group is a unique full service boutique Real Estate brokerage with an incredible team of agents and brokers. URG offers full integrated real estate analysis on projects both residential and commercial. I highly recommend URG for any real estate needs in Manhattan and surrounding locales.”
-Eric N.


“We loved working with Kevin from Upton Realty Group. He was very warm and knowledgeable, and we felt like he was really invested in finding us our next home. We’ve had some poor experiences with brokers in the past, but Kevin made us a priority and put in a lot of time and effort to truly understand what we were looking for and act in our interest. I highly recommend him!”
-Dena P.


“Sherwin is definitely the broker to go to, if you want to a great apartment. I was referred to him as one of the top negotiators in New York City, and he definitely lives up to his reputation. He listened to my needs and wants and made suggestions that I never even thought about. I found my perfect home because of him, and I cant’ thank him enough!”
-Stephanie C.


“I was referred to Upton Realty Group 3 months ago by a friend. I was looking for a 2 bedroom apt in Manhattan. Sherwin answered all my questions, nailed every amenity I requested, communicated with in a prompt time and always on time. I moved in a matter of weeks and I couldn’t be any more excited and grateful for their service.”
-Andrea C.


“Upton Realty Group is one of the most professional and prestigious broker’s in the NY metropolitan area. They are very experienced with residential, commercial and rentals. They cater to all services! I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent a home in the NY area!”
-Sean S.


“I am extremely satisfied with my recent experience with Upton Realty. They provided me with several listings that were convenient and affordable on short notice. I would definitely recommend Upton Realty to friends!”
-Charles L.


“Sherwin treated my wife and I like family. Would recommend Sherwin for all of your real estate needs.”
-Brian T.


“Sherwin is the best broker I ever worked with: knows the market exceptionally well, is diligent and dependable. He did an excellent job on both the sell and buy sides for me.”
-Peter M.


“We help change people’s lives….one apartment at a time!”
-Sherwin M. Z.


“Upton Realty Group is an exciting and professional boutique real estate company, with a dynamic team of agents. Upton possess a very positive and active environment with agents ready and willing to provide their services to ensure that you find the right new home without stress and giving you a pleasant experience.”
-Ramesh T.


“Upton Realty is a wonderful place for new opportunities. All the workers made me feel comfortable and safe. Once I stepped into the office all the jitters went away. This job can not only benefit me but also everyone else. I am super excited to not only work on the field but also with my new Coworkers in the greatest city of all time.”
-Jahied A.


“Upton Realty is the right choice if you want an agent who truly puts your best interests first. I recently began working here and was impressed by both the professionalism of my new coworkers and the straightforward, down to earth manner in which they deal with clients. I am so excited to be able to explore the beautiful city of New York while showing clients all the perks of their new neighborhood. Thank you, Sherwin, for being so welcoming as you show me the ropes!”
-Miriam F.


“I’m one of the newest members at Upton Realty Group and of course you’ll have the 1st day jitters. As soon as I started, my jitters instantly disappeared! The staff is so forthcoming, sweet, and hands on. No question goes unanswered. Watching each agent you get a piece of their work ethics and learn how to speak with clients. So far I’m impressed, comfortable, and eager to begin my new career. By the Sherwin… amazing soul!!! ”
-Stephanie R.


“Upton Realty Group is a great company to work for. I look forward to working with Sherwin and obtaining all the knowledge he has to offer.”
-Zoë Z.


“Sherwin Zanjanian and I have worked together for years. He has incredible market knowledge and passion for serving his clients. I am happy to be working with him again.”
-Gabriel O.


“This Realty has given me a wonderful experience in every aspect. It starts from the top management all the way down. You can truly feel how each person in the office dearly cares about you. They work as one collective team that have your goal in their best interest. Every single person comes to the office with enthusiasm every single day looking forward to make this experience as easy as possible.”
-Mickael B.


“Upton Realty Group is one of the most upbeat environments I have ever walked into. The lead broker, Sherwin and his team push for nothing but success in getting clients the best piece of property in Manhattan for their money. Nicole R. is also one of the most helpful employee in there and assisted me throughout my visit there!”
-Napoleon G.


“On to my second week at Upton and I am LOVING IT. Great firm, surrounded by great agents who love their job. What more can you ask for? We have a highly motivating atmosphere and the management is Grade A, I highly recommend buyers, sellers, renters and fellow agents to come down and see why!”
-Diamonté Z.


“Great place to work .Office is right on 5th Avenue, in the heart of Manhattan .Superior knowledge, customer service makes Upton the best choice for all of your real estate needs.”
-Leke N.


“Great place to work! I love their boutique approach to the Real Estate industry while keeping up with this cutting edge industry. Our beautiful office is right on 5th Avenue, in the heart of Manhattan. If you or anyone you know is looking to buy, sell or rent in Manhattan, this is the place for you.”
-Marcia B.


“What a friendly bunch to work with. Anyone of us could help you find make your dreams a reality. Making clients into friends, and friends into family.”
-Elisabeth B.


“I just started my IT Internship here and I must say the staff is very warming. Any questions I have got answered in seconds. I can’t wait to see what I can bring to the table and learn with my time here in the New York Office. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Upton Realty Group and working with Ramesh as part of the team.”
-Sergio V.


“I am currently a junior in college and this is my first internship. The interview process was very straight forwarded. All my questions are answered by Ramesh which was great because I left the interview with a good sense of the roles and responsibilities for this position.”
-Jie W.


“I was searching for an internship to gain a business experience. Upton Realty Group gave me a great opportunity. Every employee is very friendly and kindly.”
-Shunsuke N.


“Just completed a summer internship with Upton Realty and can easily say it was one of the best experiences I have had working. All of the agents are so helpful and are willing to do whatever it takes to find you the best home!”
-Alex C.


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