The Importance of Integrity

By Nicole Redona

I always believed that integrity is trait that helps shape our current and future leaders. The workplace is full of employees that need leaders that are honest, and are always willing to maintain integrity in the workplace. It is a quality that employees heavily value in leaders, therefore should be practiced among executives in the workplace.

What is integrity?

Integrity means doing the right thing; not because it gives leaders a sense of aggrandizement, but because they genuinely have upstanding moral character. They will do the right thing in a way that is not blinded by ego, because the right thing is its own pride, not the praise it receives. When the right thing is done by its true nature, it brings not only success, but a positivity in any work environment.

The power of a leader’s word

A true leader of integrity keeps their word. They will follow through with his promise, and if he were to break a promise would own up to it. They know to be careful in keeping a promise, and practicing reliability and honesty. It is not someone who will agree to anything you say, and tell you what you want to hear; the word of someone who does so is not kept in good graces for very long. Rather, leaders are honest with you about whether he will fulfill their obligations they made to you.

A person of integrity can face reality

People with integrity can see people and situations for who and what they really are. They are not blindly optimistic, nor are they extremely pessimistic about the world. If someone is too optimistic, they are too blind to the harshness of reality. They would not be able to handle its truth, and pull through proactively like a leader should. At the same time, if someone is too pessimistic, there is no room to move forward, and allow an organization to thrive. Integrity follows “the reality principle” with both feet on the ground. Their head is not held too high above the clouds, nor is it held too low, that they are unable to see a path to success before them.